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Who We Are

Besim Solutions aims to provide a wide range of practical, simplified and competent ICT solutions tailor made to meet the specific business and personal needs of our clients. Our products range from; internet service provision, networking services, audit and maintenance of local area networks, supply and maintenance of networking components and accessories, computer and phone repair as well as consultancy services.

What we believe in

Mission statement

Besim solutions is dedicated to offer the best quality ICT services delivered with pride, sincerity, professionalism and honesty.

Vision statement

Our strategy is to focus on providing long lasting, wholistic solutions to our clients’ business and personal ICT requirements. We aim at providing tailor made services through our professional team to propel business development and growth.

Why Choose Us

We continue to refine our service delivery capacity by creating experiences that help define your brand, a lasting impression that generates high impact and emotions to provide companies of all sizes the marketing power of a corporate giant.

We welcome & act on your feedback
We`re always looking to improve every aspect of our business as well as stay on top of the latest technology and security concerns.

Unmatched quality support
We take support one step further by tailoring our replies to suit your knowledge, expectations and needs.

Passionate about what we do.
Offering the best possible services is the core of our business operations thus separating us from the rest
What our customers say
John Austine
Besim Solutions, has excellent customer service that is ready to provide support. In terms of Internet provision it's superb; minimal disconnects and no buffering, the speed are on point, you won't regret being part of besim Solutions.
Dennis Mugambi
Besim Internet has been one of the best internet providers I have used in my last 2 years. The internet connection is fast and reliable, and their staff is always friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable connection.

Nyamai Kyalo Charles
Very very good Internet Service Providers (ISP). Their internet is very very stable and they beat everyone else in the market in terms of customer service and response.
 Customer care is also very very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone any day any time. . Keep up the good work and your commitment in providing value for money to your clients. I am a highly satisfied client.
Tonny lundu
Service delivery on point

Our Values

Value Addition

We increase your productivity, we evaluate the process, its role in your business, understand client goals and then apply our experience to make your processes efficient & strategic.

Streamlined business

Streamline your IT infrastructure to increase productivity, lower costs and improve controls, allowing you to focus your energy, time and resources to scale your business.

Perfect fit services

We offer customized, affordable, and high-end services utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to clients across the globe-Customized & Utilizing.

Internet Installation
Stay calm and switch to Besim for fast unlimited internetWe are a top internet service provider that supplies corporate internet solutions, and residential broadband connections.We provide unrivaled high-speed and reliable internet coupled with responsive customer support.Requirements You will ...
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Networking Infrastructure
Your business network infrastructure can impact every context of your operations. From on-premise hardware to cloud-based services, it is imperative to have a reliable, effective, and secure set of network components to keep your business running as efficiently as possible day in and day out.Our net...
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ICT Consultancy
We integrate our expertise in strategic change, process improvement and technology to provide solutions to clients as they strive to improve service delivery. Our clients deploy our services to obtain assurance that the effort and resources they expend on IT return optimal value.Our Consultancy Serv...
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Solar Installation
Save your electricity bill using our solar power solutionsBesim solutions offer solar power installation for commercial and industrial, and residential use.We offer our clients the highest quality solar energy systems and after-sales service, coupled with good customer support and an affordable budg...
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CCTV Installation
Our CCTV security solutions ensure that your premises are under tight monitoring 24/7 without any downtown.Coupled with our solar power solution you can be sure that your security monitoring system is running even in cases of power interruptions.CCTV monitoring applications:Point of Sale MonitoringR...
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Software development
We help transform your business ideas into high-quality digital products. If you are looking for a partner that will take the pressure of software development off your hands you’ve come to the right place. We ideate, design, and develop data-driven digital products made to answer business challeng...
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